Be a lamp unto yourself. Be a lamp unto others

At Bodhi Meditation, Master JinBodhi helps us to regain our health, discover a new destiny in this lifetime and leads us towards experiencing clarity. These transformations are made possible through dedicated practice of effective meditation methods and the powerful blessings of Master JinBodhi.

Regain Health through Effective Meditation Methods

“With the right methodology, if you are willing to put sincere effort in sustaining the practices I have taught, you will very likely experience benefits to both physical and mental health”

Everyday across the globe, practitioners new and old are improving their health conditions through the practice of meditation methods developed by Master JinBodhi. Millions across the world have experienced the benefits. Make an effort to learn and regain your health.

A Destiny Bigger Than Ourselves

Regaining health and energy prepares us for a Greater Journey – a journey that leads us to discover and manifest the true nature in us. Master JinBodhi will guide us on this amazing journey of discovery and transmit profound teachings and healing abilities as we progress so we can positively impact the lives of other sentient beings. It is through helping others that we discover a destiny bigger than ourselves. Leading a life of compassion is an expression of the Buddha nature within us.

“Life’s dark moments may happen anytime, no matter how difficult and unbearable, I will always be with you to face it together with you”

The path towards transformation begins with the right effort to make a change

Like a speeding car heading in the wrong direction, you need to slow down before making an effort to switch to the right direction.

Isn’t it time for you to slow down, give your nervous system a rest from daily pressures, re-evaluate your life’s direction and give your heart an opportunity to feel the wonderful flow of life?

Every day, Bodhi Meditation centres across the world are helping sentient beings get back into their lives with renewed vigor, hope and love. Bodhi Meditation offers a wide range of introductory programs that are easy to learn and which allow participants to subsequently practice at home.

In our spiritual journey, we learn to see situations or problems clearly, purify our mind in dealing with these issues, elevate ourselves to a higher level. Finally let go and do not keep these issues in your mind / heart. - Master JinBodhi

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