Master JinBodhi

The early years

Born in a poor province in China, Master JinBodhi came into this world a very sickly child. Doctors attributed this to severe malnutrition and poor living conditions. Master JinBodhi not only suffered from illnesses but also grew up in mental anguish, witnessing the tragic death of two brothers due to starvation and haunted by painful mourning of family members. At a tender age, Master JinBodhi had experienced the inevitable sufferings of sentient beings.

Just as hope seemed to be fading, Master JinBodhi met his first teacher, a former lama, in the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau. This marked Master JinBodhi’s first encounter with Buddha Dharma. After nearly 20 years of intensive practice under the guidance of various great masters, Master JinBodhi gained an in-depth understanding of Buddha Dharma. Master JinBodhi not only completely recovered from ill-health, but also gained wisdom and clairvoyant powers, some of which were described in ancient spiritual scriptures but are rarely encountered today.

At age 26, Master JinBodhi came out of retreat and intensive practice after receiving inspiration from Amitabha Buddha and Guanyin Bodhisattva. At that moment, Master JinBodhi made a vow to transmit all that was learnt to help and inspire sentient beings to achieve health and happiness and to gain a true understanding of the nature of reality. Since then, Master JinBodhi has helped many sentient beings, regardless of race, faith and social standing.

In this age, let Master JinBodhi guide you back to health, strengthen your abilities to take on life’s pressures and re-ignite your life.

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