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“I saw a major transformation in my mother after she learnt Bodhi Meditation. I am very grateful to Master JinBodhi for inspiring us towards a more fulfilling life and making it possible even for busy lay practitioners to embrace meditation.”
— Amanda Tay, 28

“With much gratitude to Master JinBodhi, my business performance has improved and my health is in good condition. My family has also joined me in Bodhi Meditation. I now lead a purposeful and fulfilling life.”
— Lim Wee Kian, 50


Health & Happiness Retreat

Full Prostration

Energy Bagua

Introduction Seminar

I suffered from severe gastric problem since 2010. If I did not eat at the proper time, I would need to take medications for 2 weeks. After attending the Health & Happiness Retreat, I no longer suffer from gastric problem even when I have to skip meals on a busy day. During the retreat, I also experienced Spontaneous Fasting for 9 days and lost 5kg. In a subsequent Spontaneous Fast I lost 4kg more. I am now healthier and happier than before.
- Antono Lim, 63, Medan

I have suffered from neck pain for over 20 years. In addition, since 2011 pain in my shoulder and left arm forbid me from lifting my left arm at all. These pain has cost me a good quality sleep over the years. During the Health and Happiness Retreat, the neck pain was greatly reduced and with daily meditation practice, all pain has gone away. Thank you Master JinBodhi for teaching us the Meditation of Greater Illumination.
- Lily Isteni Tjhai, 60, Pekanbaru

Practicing Energy Bagua daily has increased my energy level and given me the confidence to speak loudly and clearly. Where I used to be pale, I now have a healthy glow. My waistline has slimmed down from 94cm to 76cm. I am so grateful to Master JinBodhi.
- Tshai Lie Kian, 61, Kabupaten Sambas

I developed scoliosis when I was studying in university over 20 years ago. Since then I could not sit or lie down comfortably for more than 15 minutes. I had acupuncture therapy twice a year every year for more than 10 years but the pain persisted. After a daily practice of Ta Li Pai for 45 minutes, I no longer have pain on my back and no longer have to take any pain medication.
- Sukunyati Wongosari, 50, Makassar


Blessing Session

Healing Seminar



Chen Qi

Chen Qi joined the class merely due to her interest in meditation practices when she unexpectedly regained her hearing on her right ear, which had lost 30% of its hearing ability prior to the class. Along the process of meditation, she also relieved her long-standing emotional entanglement.

Song Guan

After meditation, Song Guan's violent temper softened and her character improved holistically. During the process, she also learned to introspect and smile with her heart, enabling her to feel true happiness. Her son who disliked studying has since taken more initiative in his studies and improved his grades.

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